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Jul 10

Let me tell you one thing.

Choosing the right pillow...

Some of you might prefer a soft pillow, others hard. Flat pillow? Or thicker pillows to lie higher? But there is another parameter that you might agree is of significance, especially in hot summer nights: the temperature of the pillow!

Have you ever thought about cool pillows?

I mean, not cool with illustrious motifs on it, but cool in the sense of cold. You might have heard about them.

For those who didn’t: they are available on the market. They help people out in the search for comfortable nights with cool sleep.

In fact, there is clear evidence that temperature affects sleep in a positive manner, but more to that later…

Let me now present you a couple of interesting cooling pillows in this article. There is one for almost every taste…

2018’s Reviews Of The Best Cooling Pillow



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Coop Home Goods

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LumaLife Luxe

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Z Shredded

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This premium pillow gives you an instant cooling effect with its cool burst airflow technology.

The GhostPillow detects the temperature, then absorbs and dissipates the heat for cool nights. The pillow maintains dryness throughout the night. With ultimate softness, the flexible design offers distinct comfort and support for your spinal region.

The GhostPillow helps you to align and adjust your spinal region in an ideal way and thus reduces back and neck pain.

The embroidered zippered cover is removable, hypoallergenic, ultra-plush and kind to your skin.

The GhostPillow is the best choice for buyers who prefer premium quality and don’t shy at spending more money. 


  • Instant cooling. The pillow adjusts to the ambient temperature even before you lie down.
  • Durable. This product has a long-term durability with 5 years warranty.
  • Cool burst airflow technology. It is specifically designed to keep the your head cool at night.


  • High prize. The GhostPillow guarantees high quality, but also demands higher prizes.

This cooling pillow sets very high standards in quality and comfort. Thus, the GhostPillow provides enhanced cooling environment and support as well as durability. This is without a doubt the best quality cooling pillow out there.

Our Recommendation


(4.6 out of 5.0 editors rating) 

The Coop Home Good adjustable memory foam pillow is a durable product including 5 years of warranty.

This standard size pillow measures 20 x 26 inches and is fully adjustable to your sleeping behavior

You can adjust the volume of the filling material after your personal wishes. The cool cover is removable and washable, and is made of 40 % polyester and 60 % bamboo derived viscose rayon cover.

The high flow and breathable cover keeps you comfortable and cool at night and is also dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

The pillow is soft and doesn’t flat down with time and progressive use.

Furthermore, the Coop Home Goods pillow is suitable for any sleeping position.

The product can be regarded as the best option overall because of the good cost-effectiveness ratio for premium quality.


  • Adjustable. One of the major advantages of this pillow is the possibility to add or remove foam from the pillow. So, you can adjust the thickness according to your preferences.


  • Composition. The pillow might be less uniform and consistent for some, as the foam tends to decompose easily.

You can test this pillow in a 30 days sleep trial to see if it fits your expectations. Generally, this shredded memory foam pillow serves as the best choice as a cooling pillow for nighttime. You can also use it as a comfortable and soft seat cushion.

Our Recommendation

Coop Home Goods

(4.4 out of 5.0 editors rating) 

LumaLife Luxe Special Edition

The therapeutic grade latex material inhibits the growth of microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and fights off mold and dust mites.

The “LumaLife Luxe Special Edition” cooling pillow is a 2.7 inch, ultra-thin pillow composed of 100 % latex material.

This thin pad can also be thickened by the extra bolster cover to a double thickness of 5.5 inches.

The dually ventilated pillow allows refreshing cool air to circulate throughout the slumber. This provides you with maximal cooling.

The soft pillow reduces back, neck, tail pain and other spinal issues. The product includes a zippered cover of bamboo or velvet which is removable and washable.

One of the major advantages of this pillow is its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.


  • Hypoallergenic. This flat pillow is made from latex only. Thus, it is resistant against microbes, especially allergens and house mites.
  • Efficient cooling. Moreover, latex possesses open-cell structure which allows effective air ventilation and cooling.


  • Odor. This latex pillow will have a rubber smell in the first few days. Which can be a huge surprise and turn off for people. A simple way to combat this is to let it air out the first few days.

This latex pillow is versatile, as it can be used on different occasions. It is useful at nighttime in beds, or as a cushion in chairs, sofas or cars. This ventilated cooling pillow is the number one choice especially for people who have allergies. Also those who want to reduce the risk of microbial infections and parasites.

(4.3 out of 5.0 editors rating)

The company MALOUF® is one of the most prominent suppliers of cooling pillows.

It’s product with the above-mentioned description does not only provide you with a cooling effect. It also gives you a soft feeling and comfortable nights.

Memory foam enables the shaping of the pillow according to your wishes. You can mold the pillow and thus find your perfect sleeping position.

The softness of the gel guarantees supportive effects for your neck and helps to cool the pillow down.

Moreover, the product contains a soft and tender velour cover made of a rayon from bamboo lend.

With dimensions of 6.3 x 4.7 x 2 inches and a weight of only 2.1 pounds, this cooling pillow is very handy.

What makes it ideal especially for traveling purposes. The pillows are washable and provide ultimate breathability.


  • Portable. The Z shredded gel dough memory foam in travel size is particularly interesting for those of you who want a cooling pillow when traveling. 
  • Durable. This product has a long-term durability with 5 years warranty.


  • Short-lived cooling. The cooling effect of most gels is relatively short.

This cooling pillow provides you with a soft and consistent feel. The prize is acceptable and the cover is very tender to your skin. Because of the small size, it can is ideal for travelers. Yet, the cooling effect of the gel might be short-lived in comparison to other pillows that are here.

(4 out of 5.0 editors rating) 

If you like to have a budget friendly cooling pillow, this pillow should be your favored option.

This King size pillow has dimensions of 36 x 20 inches, provides a soft feeling, high comfort and ultimate breathability.

It consists of 60 % polyester and 40 % viscose bamboo rayon. The viscous bamboo material keeps the pillow cool and dry, and provides a good sleep at night.

The memory foam technology supports the head, neck and back areas in any sleeping positions.

The material of the Plixio King Size pillow is microbe- and mite-resistant as well as hypoallergenic.

The pillow is suited for any sleeping preferences, including stomach, side and back sleepers. The pillows come along with soft covers that are removable and washable.


  • Budget. This product is very budget friendly, but also has an excellent quality.


  • Size. The pillow is bulky and thus not the best choice for transport. It is rather useful for bedrooms.
  • Inefficient cooling. Depending on personal preferences, this pillow might be the less effective when it comes to cooling, especially in hot rooms.

For those who don’t want to spend too much money, but still like to have a high-quality cooling pillow, this option is recommendable. The pillow combines advanced comfort and antimicrobial covering. It also offers cooling effects due to the viscose material. Customers with back and spinal problems report of the protective effects of this pillow.

Our Recommendation

Plixio Shredded Bamboo

(4 out of 5.0 editors rating) 

Why temperature is important for your sleep

You might ask the question:

Is a cool sleep really that important?

The answer is: Yes.

Scientists have found out that a room temperature of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (or around 16 to 19 degrees Celsius) is optimal for a good sleep (1).

So, remember that in summer oftentimes temperatures are way higher than that.

The scientific reason is that our brains set a sleeping temperature for our bodies.

Normally, the human body temperature decreases when lying in bed at night. If the ambient temperature is too high, this will lead to disturbances in your sleep.

You will experience unrest and sleep disorders such as insomnia, because your body has trouble to achieve the set temperature.

The same goes, of course, when the bedroom is too cold.

It is even stated that sleeping in a colder enviroment will help you burn fat. Check out this video below to learn more about this.

Difference between the materials for cooling

There are three main compositions for cooling pillows:

Memory foam

Memory foam consists of viscoelastic. It is a sturdy and comfortable material, which was first developed by NASA in the 1970s for seat cushions.

The memory foam itself performs poorly regarding the distribution of heat. It has worse cooling effects than other cooling pillows.

The advantage of the memory foam is that it completely encradles the body. It supports neck and back areas by reducing pressure points.

If you are interested in a cold memory foam pillow be sure to check out the combination of a bamboo pillow cover. The bamboo pillow benefits are definitly worth it.

Gel memory foam

In addition to memory foam pillows and mattresses, here we have a chemical gel substance. At first sight, this means that the gel could be set free.

Although the material in most cases is not toxic. The cooling effect of the gel is quick and some products even offer instant cooling via novel air circulation technologies. But, cooling can also be short-lived in comparison to other materials.


The most clear advantage for latex materials is their antimicrobial and hypoallergenic nature.

They don’t allow mites or microbes to grow on their surfaces and perform better than memory foam in that category. Natural latex is not risky to health.

Latex pillows own an open-cell structure and allow air to circulate in an efficient way, resulting in a cooler sleep.

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