Eco Terra Mattress Review


Dec 26
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Product Name:

Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress

Product Type:

Mattress, Latex


A mattress with the most durable latex type out there. For heavy persons the latex might be too thin but if you can settle with that this would be a good option.

A material that is known to hold its softness and shape better and longer than memory foam.

Yes this material is latex. 

It is also one of the main ingredient for the Eco Terra mattress. So this alone makes it an interesting/ promising mattress. But how does it hold it is it worth it? Keep on reading to find out.

The Company

Eco Terra

This can be considered a new company since it started in the year 2017.

You see that it is a relative new company when you look at their products. When you look for this brand you will not find many products.


In fact they currently only sell one product .(in different sizes ofcourse) Now this does not have to be a bad sign. Only having one product means they are using all their resources to make this product count.  Kinda like Apple did in the old days. 

The Eco Terra Mattress

Eco Terra blueprint

Key features and benefits of the product

eco-terra review

100% latex

What set this apart from other types of latex materials is that this type is one of the most durable out there.


Besides that you can enjoy from all the other benefits of a latex mattress. It is a breathable material making it perfect for temperature control.


Have an allergy? Sick of dust mites in your mattress. Congratuilations Latex is a material known to be highly resistant to bacteria, mold and of course dust mires. No more the need to fear of sneezing every morning or waking up with red eyes because of your allergy.


If you are looking for a super soft or one of the more firmer mattresses than you are at the wrong place.

The Eco Mattress scores a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The latex material will mold perfectly into your sleeping position giving you the support you need to fall asleep.

mattress feel

Quantum Edge Coils.

The Bottom Layer of this mattress is filled with Quantum Edge Coils. The Individually wrapped coils make it possible to provide support on different places on the bed. So your partner can be tossing and turning you will notice the minimum of this because your coils will stay stable.

Cons of this products

Quantum Edge Coils.

How can this be on the con list of this product? Well it the lacks the quantum coils on the sides of the mattress. You will feel less support because of this. It is not so bad that you will fall into a freefall but still a missed opportunity.

Latex Layer too thin for some

For heavier people the latex layer might be just too thin. This might result in you feeling the bed frame when tossing around or getting into bed. It must be said that this only will be a problem for some and it  could be solved by using a mattress topper.

Eco Terra Mattress

In short this is a great mattress for those searching medium firmness. It works even betters if do not want to be disturbed by your partner movements or if you are hypoallergenic.

The Good Stuff:
  • Breathable
  • No motion disturbance
  • Durable
The Bad Stuff:
  • ​Softer on the edges

  • Latex layer might be too thin for some

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