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Apr 25
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Having surfed the sub Reddit insomnia jokes, Memesuper and Pinterest for a long time I thought why not create a place where you can find the best insomnia jokes. Something like a mini 9gag post for insomnia jokes.

We know jokes can get us in a good mood and even let us forget us about our problems and or stress. This means that jokes could lower your anxiety/ stress and therefore cure your insomnia.

But that might be a little far-fetched, something like a best-case scenario. The worst case scenario is you having something to do at 2 AM : ) going through this page full of insomnia jokes and just regular jokes!

Enjoy and let me know you own best insomnia joke in the comment section below


Insomnia jokes 1

Why brain why...


Curse my internet speed

Meet your future

Insomnia jokes 2

Fry being Fry

Insomnia jokes 3

Born leader

Insomnia jokes 4

When you have been in bed since 8 pm, and got no sleep

Insomnia jokes 5

Quick to the death star

insomnia jokes 6

Batman and Robin...

Insomnia jokes 7

when the sun is already rising

insomnia jokes 8

After a night with no sleep

insomnia jokes 9

Who is there?

Insomnia jokes 10


insomnia jokes 11

Sound familiar

insomnia jokes 12

Newest item on mac donalds

insomnia jokes 13

Never enough!

insomnia jokes 13


insomnia jokes 14


Insomnia jokes 15

Jedi mind tricks

Insomnia jokes 16

Grand master jedi

Han solo: Yoda are we going the right way?
Yoda: Off course we are


Entertain us through the night by telling us your funniest joke : D (does not have to be a sleep related joke)