5 Awful Ways a Lack of Sleep Affects your Face

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Aug 22
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Be honest.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of beauty sleep is? Or what the impact of a bad night’s rest has for your body and face?

If so, you’re in for a treat.

In this infographic, we break down how a lack of sleep affects your face.

5 Awful Ways a Lack of Sleep Affects your Face
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5 Awful Ways a Lacks of Sleep Affects your Face

Beauty myth sleep wrinkles – true or false

I hate to break it to you. But sleep wrinkles do exist.

It comes down to your face hugging your pillow and in doing so creating friction. Not everyone should worry about sleep wrinkles.

Side sleepers are most prone to sleep wrinkles. This short video below explains it more in detail.

Here are two short tips to prevent sleep wrinkles

1 Reduce friction between you and the pillow. You can do this by choosing the right pillow and moisturizing your face.

2 Change sleeping position. It is known that side sleepers are the ones who suffer the most. So to reduce /prevent sleep wrinkles switch to a different sleeping position. The recommended one is sleeping on your back.

I can understand that changing your sleeping position might be a hard thing to do. So here is an article by Livestrong about how to prevent sleep wrinkles

A simple way to improve your sleep quality

So now we know about all the bad side effects of sleep loss. Feeling depressed already?

No need to. You might be able to improve the quality of your sleep by simply adding one or two things to your diet. You can check that out in our infographic about sleep improving nutrients.

Sleep nutrients books infographic cover