Melatonin and Weed – What Happens When it is Used Together?

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Apr 04
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When you think of the word weed you probably associate it with: 420, socialization and more importantly relaxation.

Many people use weed to unwind and notice even the potential for weed to be used as a sleep aid. Just like melatonin is used as a sleep aid.

This brings up an interesting topic. What is the relation between melatonin and weed? How do the two react to each other and what does it mean for you, keep reading to find out.

Melatonin and Weed

Melatonin is a key to your daily life. This hormone regulates your sleep and wake cycles. It must be produced regularly if you are to have a healthy amount of sleep each night.

However, weed usage can impact how well you are able to get this hormone to function within your body.

You would have to use an indica strain of weed to get to sleep. This form of marijuana helps to relax your body.

It is the opposite of sativa marijuana that causes you to feel too energetic.

melatonin and weed INDICA VS sativa

The cannabinoid receptors in your brain will cause you to calm down. The brain’s natural functions will be relaxed when the weed gets into those receptors.

But at the same time, your REM sleep cycle may be shortened when using weed. This can be problematic as that is the restorative form of sleep that you need each day.(Science.Mic)

In addition, the proper indica strain will cause melatonin to increase in its production. This comes from the strain triggering the production of PGE2, a prostaglandin that helps to regulate how melatonin is produced.

However, those melatonin levels can start to drop off after a few hours of use, thus prompting many to add melatonin supplementation. (

Because of this, many people aim to use melatonin and weed together. This is to aim to get a better sleeping pattern going so it will be easier to attain a better night’s sleep. However, the experiences that people have held while using melatonin and weed have been rather varied.

Experiences From People Who Have Tried Melatonin and Weed

People who use weed and melatonin together tend to have more vivid or lucid dreams. In one example profiled on, melatonin helps to create a better high when used with weed.

I finally got to purchasing some melatonin last week. I must say, it really does seem to potentiate the high quite a bit. I find this a great sleeping aid, better then the temazepam I was taking on prescription.

Bluelight Forum

When one smokes about twenty minutes after taking melatonin, it is not only easier to sleep but also easier to feel positive. A slight floating sensation may be felt.

However, the body might start to feel too sluggish if the weed is not taken in enough time after the melatonin is taken. The body will start to wear out after the two are combined, thus making it easier for dreams to become stronger.

Added Visuals

The visuals that people get in their dreams after using weed can become enhanced when using melatonin.

One person on states that the high that is produced is stronger as it relieves pains while making shapes and images a little more realistic in one’s dreams.

This often makes it harder for people to identify what is real versus what is fiction. The psychedelic properties of weed will stay the same for the most part but with a better sense of concentration on the strange images coming about.

This expands upon the unique feeling that one might develop when using the two.

Struggling To Wake Up

Melatonin and weed struggle to wake up

The euphoria that comes with using weed and melatonin might be too strong for some people. has one experience stating that it is hard to wake up at times after using the two.

This comes from the melatonin increasing in quantity and the happy feeling from its use being so strong. Sometimes it can provide a minor sensation like a bit of fizzing under the tongue.

This is a natural response that doesn’t distract from the dreaming or sleeping but it does create a fascinating feeling. Still, a full night’s sleep of at least seven hours will be required to get the most out of this.

Melatonin for Weed Withdrawal

A problem with weed is that it can make it harder for the brain to naturally produce melatonin.

As a result, a melatonin supplement may be required. This is to help with restoring how well the hormone can be produced naturally. The potential for the hormone to restore natural sleep habits can be rather strong.

However, the specific amount of melatonin required will vary by each person. Supplementation often comes with similar doses regardless of who makes melatonin-related products. (

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Is Melatonin and Weed Recommended?

It is clear that melatonin can mix with weed to make your body feel more relaxed.

It also improves upon how enjoyable one’s dreams might feel. Even so, it may not be a good idea to use the two together.

Weed naturally helps to relax your brain. Melatonin practically does the same. As a result, the two may combine to create a sleeping pattern that is a little too stronger.

This could make it harder for you to wake up. Also, the threat of reduced REM sleep as a result of weed use is a real problem that might not be easily fixed by melatonin use.