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The Ultimate Guide

Quiet Fans for Sleeping

Do you struggle to keep yourself cool during the night? Is the heat warming up your pillow, making your bed sweaty and even keeping you up? Or are you searching for a fan that can create the perfect white noise for you? 

​Than keep on reading cause we understand these needs.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that people often struggle to sleep each night because they are in uncomfortable sleeping areas that are too hot. 

It is easier for the body to get to sleep and to keep from waking up during the night if the body is at a cool temperature from 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

A quiet fan can especially help you with getting to the sleep you require. 

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How to Choose Your Quiet Fan For Sleeping

When finding a quality quiet fan, you have to look at several points for finding an option that fits in perfectly with your sleep needs. Six factors have to be put into place when figuring out what’s right for you:

  • Your budget is important to figuring out the right fan to get. A typical fan can cost about $15 at the least to $60 or more in many instances. Some fancy high-end models can go for hundreds of dollars.
  • The noise generated can make a true difference. The noise should be kept silent while the fan must be insulated so it won’t generate lots of sound. If you are the type of person who would like the fan to block out others sounds, then I can highly recommend you check out this post about loud fans.
  • ​The airflow dictates how well air moves out from the fan. It can move out cleanly and in some cases can go around more spots with an oscillating motion.
  • ​The size of the fan is measured based on not only the physical body but also how large the blades are. Larger blades can produce more air but can also cause more noise.
  • ​You must look at how durable your fan is. Check on how well the fan is organized based on how its body works and if it is sturdy enough.
  • The design of the fan and the materials used are essential for it to operate. A fan can be made with an open bo dy or with a narrow footprint. Some fans can be mounted onto a wall or other surface.

For today we will be looking at the four following types of fans: 1 personal/table fans, 2 tower fans, 3 window fans and 4 wall-mounted fans.

The Best Types of Sleeping Fans Based on Budget, Noise and Airflow

  • Budget
  • Noise
  • airflow

Best type of quiet fan based on budget 

(lower is better)

Personal/Table Fan
Tower Fan
Wall-Mounted Fan
Window Fan

Personal / Table Fans

personal table fans

Let’s start by having a look at the personal / table fans the smallest type in this list. Personal/ table fans  are designed for use in smaller spaces in your home. These are made for lighter needs where you only need to get a certain part of a room cooled off.

The Vortex Technology system used by Vornado circulates all the air in a local area. This keeps the air from becoming far too stale.

You could turn the thermostat up by 5 degrees Fahrenheit if desired and the Vornado 630 will still keep the air in your room cool.

The deep-pitched blades are designed with strong curves to generate more air as they move. The air moves quickly and effortlessly around the room. It can move up to 70 feet away from the fan when in the best possible condition.

This uses three speed settings and uses a tilting head. This allows you to direct the air in a variety of spots in your room. It also uses a six-foot power cord.


  • The enclosed air duct allows the blades to stay secured and recessed in a small area to keep them sturdy and functional.
  • The inlet is sized to where air can move into more parts of the blades. This allows the blades to increase their airflow.
  • The base is large enough to allow the fan to stay in its place without shifting or moving around while in use.


  • This is a little less than six pounds in weight and therefore isn’t necessarily for lighter spots or other tight areas.
  • It takes a bit of time for the fan to reach its proper speed after you adjust the knob on its side.

The Vornado fan works well for properties where the air can get stale rather quickly. By taking in more air and getting it distributed at a larger angle, the risk of stale air will be minimal. This allows the air to feel comfortable and helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep without bearing with a stuffy sleeping spot.

Designed with 6-inch blades, this offers a great airflow rate of about 3.7m/s. It is powered up by a 3.9-foot USB cable that can link to a computer or other USB output.

This uses a minimal amount of energy. It takes up about 2.5 watts of power per hour, a total that is around 95 percent less than what many regular AC fans use.

You can also adjust the metal frame by positioning the blades up or down. The 360-degree rotating frame makes it easy for you to position this well. You’d have to watch for how well you’re positioning it though so the power wire will not get in the way.


  • This is an extremely quiet model that uses ABS blades to create a strong wind without being tough to use.
  • The screws can be easily removed from the cover so you can clean off the blades when the fan is off.
  • The simple power switch is very easy to use as it is located right on the main base of the fan.


  • The USB plug is rather short, thus limiting your ability to place the fan in a better variety of spots.
  • There is only one speed setting as well as no options for the fan to oscillate from one position to the next.

This is ideal for smaller rooms and particularly works well in dorms as it won’t disrupt anyone else who might be in the same room. You can also get this to work if you’ve got plenty of USB outputs around your home or a regular laptop or computer that can be placed near your bed.

Honeywell designed this as a miniature tower fan of sorts. It is about 13 inches in height and uses an oscillating feature to help get air out. Still, the thin design of the fan makes it to where it needs to be placed properly for it to actually work.

It also has an auto-off timer that turns the fan off after a certain period of time. This keeps it from having to spend far too much energy at a given time. 

The DC motor does at least work quickly as it generates about 50 percent less energy than what a standard AC motor uses.

The Quietset system especially works with four different settings. These allow the speed to be adjusted based on the particular needs you have. This allows you to place the fan on your nightstand if needed without disrupting anything around it.


  • The Quietset speed control system is clearly noticed on the very front part of the fan to make it easier for you to adjust.
  • This is about half as wide as any other similar personal fans, thus making it easy to store in many spots.


  • This works best when you place it as close to your bed as possible as it may not deliver air well enough.
  • The fan blades only take up a small amount of space within the fan body, thus making it tough for air to be delivered at times.

You could use this if you have a small nightstand to work with. This is best for cases where you don’t have much room for placing a fan elsewhere. It can go on top of a small surface next to your bed and remain easy to display and use for your needs.

Tower Fans

quiet tower fans

Tower fans, or pedestal fans as they are called, are taller in size and can deliver air to more spots in a room. Such a fan is better for homes where more air is needed in a larger amount of space. It can work in a living room as well as your bedroom.  It might be the best powerfull fan type in this list. But these type of fans also tend to be more expensive than other type of fans. One is thing is sure, You are getting great quality with this type of quiet fan

Honeywell HY-254 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

You can order this fan in a white or black tone. It uses five speeds and has a touch button control system. The oscillating feature allows the air to move around more spaces in your room.

This uses four timer settings ranging from one to eight hours. It shuts off automatically after the timer runs out. It creates a carefully organized setup that is rather quiet.

The handle and cord management system allows you to keep the cord organized. However, it can be tough to get it secured around the base of the fan unless you keep it carefully organized.


  • At about eleven pounds in weight, it is one of the lighter models you can find in today’s tower fan field.
  • The QuietSet control system shows a clearly labeled display that helps you adjust the speed based on its noise.
  • The base at the bottom of the fan is wide and heavy enough to ensure that the fan will not topple over.


  • The oscillating movement is relatively limited and takes a bit for it to move all the way through on a single setup.

You will enjoy using this tower fan if you have a smaller room to work with. The ability of this fan to be controlled based on its volume level ensures that you can use this in a tighter spot with ease. It works best in bedrooms rather than in larger rooms.

This tower fan offers an oscillating body and features a digital display feature on the top. It uses a control setup that is protected by a small clear cover.

It lets you quickly adjust the fan based on its speed, how it moves and the timer feature. This is relatively complicated so you would have to be cautious when trying to control this though.

This uses a 90-degree oscillation feature so it targets smaller areas around a room. You can also program the timer from one hour to twelve. A remote control is also included and can even be added into a compartment at the top part of the fan.


  • The three different airflow patterns that can be used here are comfortable and produce airflow quite well in any small room.
  • The blades have been designed with curves that allow them to collect and push out cool air without generating lots of noise.


  • You will have to assemble the fan yourself although it will not require any outside tools for it to be set up.
  • The base at the bottom is more than three feet in diameter so it will take up a good bit of space in a room.

You will benefit from this tower fan if you have a basic bedroom that needs to be cooled off. This works well in both master and single bedrooms and can also fit into guest rooms. Still, you should avoid adding it into anything larger like a much wider living room.

The AM07 was made by Dyson as a tower version of the AM06 table fan. This uses a design that features no blades. The Air Multiplier technology system works to create enough air all around. It uses a series of slim air channels to keep the fan from being too noisy.

This works with a timer that goes from 15 minutes to nine hours in length. It takes a bit to get the timer set though as you won’t see any easy to use timer displays.

The motor can be found on the bottom part of the fan. This is carefully insulated so it won’t be noisy.


  • The remote that comes with the AM07 allows you to control the speed and oscillation features all right on the fan.
  • With no safety grilles, you can quickly clean off the fan with a simple dust cloth to keep it cleared out.
  • This is safe to place in any room in your home because it does not require any open motors or blades.


  • This doesn’t have the features that fancier Dyson fans have like a HEPA purifier or WiFi-enabled connectivity with the Dyson Link app.
  • This might be far too out of your budget for finding a tower fan.

You can use this fan in a variety of open spots around your home. This can be used in any bedroom. Try and place it in a spot right in the middle of the room for the best results. It is still safe and easy to support.

Wall-mounted Fans

quiet wall-mounted fans

A wall-mounted fan will be perfect to have if you don’t have any spots in the middle of your room to work with. You can quickly get one of these fans secured onto a ledge or other surface on a wall. Although some hardware may be needed to secure it based on the model.

Air King made this model with a three-speed setup that uses 1/50 horsepower. It can be locked in a stationary position or set in a 90-degree oscillating pattern.

It uses a seven-foot power cord so it should be easy for you to get this set up and plugged in as needed.

This uses a knob on its base. It can be carefully controlled at the bottom.

This can be secured well onto a wall but you will have to get your own tools and materials ready to help with securing the fan.

It can still fit in well on any kind of flat wall when secured right.


  • The oscillating motion on this fan is built to work in a gentle function and can move relatively easily in a spot.
  • You can quickly remove the grille from the fan and reassemble it with basic tools so you can clean the inside part of the fan.


  • The fan has to be secured in an open spot to ensure that the fan can oscillate properly without obstructions.
  • The plastic materials are relatively cheap and don’t work well unless you get this set up at the fastest possible speed.

This fan does well for average-sized rooms. It is a trusted option for use in a variety of places like hospitals and hotels. It can be added onto any kind of corner in your room and should be ideal for basic use although it is not for anything larger like a big living room.

Designed with a basic control setup on the bottom area, this wall-mounted fan uses a figure-eight oscillating pattern. This allows the fan to cover more spots in a room as it moves up and down as well as from left to right.

It uses less noise and creates a consistent amount of movement. You can even choose from two other oscillating patterns if desired.

You can set your fan to one of three speeds. It also uses four timer options from 30 minutes to four hours although it doesn’t show how much time is left on it after you set it up.


  • The remote is very responsive and links to the base on the bottom part of the fan to control its features.
  • The three individual oscillating motions are easy to use and provide you with enough air around any room you place it in.


  • You must mount the fan in a proper spot to see that the fan will actually oscillate properly without bumping into anything.
  • The fan generates much more noise when you use its fastest speed setting or the most advanced oscillating pattern it has.

You can use this for your bedroom but it could also be added into a workshop, garage or greenhouse. Any spot that needs an extra bit of circulation and fresh air could benefit from such a quality fan. It is also good for spots where you need to keep the temperature under control with no hot zones standing around in a space.

Designed to be used as a standard desk fan or a wall-mounted option, this Honeywell model has a tilting head that can be pivoted by up to 90 degrees. You would have to check carefully on how well the head is tilted so it will not sag or slip.

The Turbo Force power feature gets cool air to blow out about 27 feet away from the base of the fan. This still works with curved blades that allow the fan to keep quiet without disrupting people.

It has a brilliant black look all the way through to make it fit in well.


  • At about 11 inches wide, it does not take up far too much space and yet still manages to create enough cool air for a typical room.
  • While this works well when you mount it onto a wall, it could also be placed on a desktop or other surface above your floor.


  • The mounting system is rather complicated and hard to handle as you’d have to get the large black base secured with several bolts or other features.
  • You must watch for how the fan head moves as it can potentially slide and slip off if not used properly enough.

This Honeywell fan is perfect for when you’re trying to get a good fan in a bedroom. It could also be added into a greenhouse or other space that needs to keep humid air from being too stuffy. Make sure you get it secured properly on a good wall no matter where you plan on placing it.

Windows Fans

quiet tower fans

Window fans are designed to be placed along an opening in a window on one’s wall. It can come with several fan heads and a control panel. You’ll have to get one of these secured right into a proper opening to ensure that the fan will fit in well and provide you with enough cool air.

You must make sure the opening is secured enough to where the window covers are secured and capable of keeping your fan from shifting or falling around in any manner.

Designed with three fan heads and a control display on the left-hand side, this works with its own accompanying remote.

It can fit into a window about 8 inches high and 25.5 inches wide. Extended panels can be added to increase the width by a few inches if necessary.

The reversible airflow feature allows you to manually reverse the fan so it can take in cool fresh air. It will clear out the hot air in a room as exhaust too.

This allows for enough circulation around your entire room and can help you reach a certain temperature within your room when set up properly.


  • The thermostat can be adjusted to utilize a target temperature in terms of how the air coming in and out of the fan works.
  • The display feature and remote control are very responsive and quickly control how well the fan manages air in any spot.


  • This model can be rather noisy at the start as it puts in lots of effort to get the temperature of the air down to the level you want it to be at.
  • You must make sure the window is secured properly and locked in well around the body of the air conditioner so no excess air will come in.

You will enjoy using this fan if you need a model that will get into your home and quickly adjust the temperature in a space. It is useful if you want to keep from using the air conditioning in a certain room far too often, what with it targeting a certain temperature in your space.

The two-fan window design uses separate settings on each individual fan. You can quickly adjust each fan to use an intake or exhaust setup on each one. Each fan also uses three speed settings. You can even turn one of the fans off if needed while the other can still be active.

The plastic material is light in weight while the six blades on each fan allow for air to be moved around quickly. The fans are also 8.5 inches in diameter each so they will provide enough air into a spot.

This is suitable for windows that are 25 inches wide and 12 inches high. Extender panels can also be added to extend the width by up to ten inches.


  • The motors are water-resistant so they will keep on working even when there’s a bit of rain coming in around the area.
  • The lightweight body allows you to quickly secure this onto a window and will not require loads of reinforcements in a spot.


  • It takes a little longer for a fan to get air out through the exhaust feature than it does to get new air into a room.
  • The extender panels can slip off unless you can get those features secured and linked up to a spot as quickly as possible.

You could use this in a nursery or other small room. It can do well in a guest bedroom as well. It is not large enough to support a bigger master bedroom but it should be good enough for most other bedrooms and smaller spots that are in a home.

Designed to be electronically reversible, this fan uses two 8-inch setups. It has snap-on feet to help you secure the window fan to a base. It links up to your windowsill quite well although you must keep the top part of a window securely closed for it to work right.

At about seven pounds in weight, it can link up to your window quickly and will not require much effort to secure it in its place. The two fans are also independent from one another, thus meaning that you can get each individual one controlled to your preferred liking.

The Comfort Watch setting also allows you to adjust the fans based on how air to come in and out.

This monitors how well the air coming in works and that it is not overly stuffy.


  • The grille on the front is easy to handle and can be taken apart quickly so you can quickly clean the inside of the fan.
  • The two fans will work together to create enough air that moves around your room quickly as it produces an even amount of air all over.


  • There are only two speeds on each fan setup although the two are each to switch between and are also quiet.
  • The plastic body on this fan feels relatively cheap and has to be maintained regularly so it will not develop lots of stains all around.

You will be more likely to enjoy this Lasko fan if you are in a guest room or small studio apartment space. The fan is made with a powerful body and should not be too tough to support. It is also good if you don’t plan on moving stuff around your room too often.