What You Should Know About Sleeping With Headphones

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May 30
Sleeping With Headphones

The concept of sleeping with headphones or earbuds sounds like an unusual point to many people.


it can actually be to your benefit when used properly. You will have to be cautious when sleeping while wearing headphones though so you don’t put in too much pressure into your ears or harm them over time.

It is possible for you to enjoy sleeping with headphones if you are careful. As you will read here, there is actually one particular option for you to consider when getting to sleep while wearing headphones without any problems.

Is It Safe?

It is a necessity to watch for how your ears may respond to wearing headphones for a long period of time. That being said there are two risk you face.

1. Ear wax

The first risk is that ear wax might start to build up in your ears. This is especially the case if you are wearing earbuds that are a little more invasive.

This comes as the headphones are blocking the circulation of air around your ear. This makes it easier for wax to press up into the ear drum. It can be harder to remove ear wax at this point without risking any harm to your ears. (Telegraph)

2. Otitis Externa

The second risk is that you may be at risk of developing Otitis Externa. This is a condition that will develop when the ear canal develops irritation.

The ear canal is critical as it moves from the outer ear into the ear drum.


Otitis Externa is a concern that swimmers often develop but it can also occur among those who wear headphones that block the ear canals.

The skin in the area can wear out and cause fluid to leak from the ear in some of the worst cases. Pains may also develop in the outer ear when there is too much stress on the ear. (UpToDate)

You will have to be cautious if you plan on using headphones while sleeping. What’s even more important is that you watch for the volume that you are listening to your music at.

It is a necessity to see how well you can get headphones working for you without any problems.

Hearing problems ?

When listening to headphones, you must look at how loud the volume is. You need to listen to things through your headphones at a volume of lower than 60db.

This is enough to be about the same volume as that of a typical conversation. It is best to have something a little quieter but anything less than 60db should be safe. (Reddit)

Continuous exposure to noises above 60db increases the risk of ear damage.

You must especially ensure that the volume you are listening to something with is not going to generate far too much volume.

Loud noise can be dangerous as excess vibrations and volume can cause your ear drums and other parts of the inner ear to suffer from too much fatigue. This can be very risky and could cause hearing loss if you are exposed to it for far too much time. (Advanced Noise Solutions)

sleeping with headphones noise level image

But What Are the Benefits?

There are plenty of great benefits that come with sleeping with your headphones on. To start, it helps you to block noises in all sorts of ways.

Block noise

You can use a great set of headphones to cover up all sorts of sounds like people from another room, outside traffic or anything else keeping you awake. This could work especially well if you have something that generates white noise.

To block out noise you could also use a loud fan, but with headphones you get to decide what to listen to.

White Noise & Relaxation

Also, headphones can help you get to sleep with ease. You can use headphones that produce something like white noise to help you focus on your sleeping so you can relax to something without worrying about other noises in a local area.

You can even use headphones to relax your body while sleeping. It has been found that listening to relaxing music for about 45 minutes before going to bed can help you get the sleep with ease.

A report in the Journal of Advanced Nursing states that such music helps to lower the body’s heart and breathing rates. This eases the body into a more comfortable state and makes it easier for a person to sleep without any added stress. (BBC)

The possible benefits of sleeping while wearing headphones can make a real difference in your life. You should see how well these can work for you when trying to enjoy a good evening without feeling lots of stress or struggles in any way.

Can You Learn?

You might have heard plenty of stories out there about how you can sleep with headphones on as a means of learning new things.

This could be intriguing but it is important to see how this might work.

sleeping with headphones learning

Over the years subliminal messaging tapes have been promoted to people who are looking to learn all sorts of things.

These are being highlighted to the public as items that work to help them with learning facts and figures or with getting the inspiration or support that they require in their daily lives.

This is an intriguing concept that is certainly fascinating.

A big part of why you might be able to learn when sleeping is because your brain operates a little differently as you are asleep.

How does it work?

Deep sleep might been a time when it might be easier for you to learn while asleep.

During deep sleep your brain cells are more synchronized at this point. This works to help with generating new memories and connections when new stimuli come along.

As you listen to something with your headphones, the information that you take in will be easier for your brain cells to receive. You should have a simple time with connecting context when you are listening to things in this manner. (The Guardian)

This could work well if you are trying to learn foreign words or other things.

It must be said that a study has been done that debunked the fact that you can learn facts and figures while listening to a recording during sleep. So it only works for learning foreign words, connecting dots and context.

It should be used carefully though.

You don’t want it to be too loud or otherwise you will face damage to your hearing.

As you use headphones, you should have something comfortable and easy to wear without being too hard to use in any case.

This is to give you a better time with learning as you can avoid all sorts of outside issues getting in the way and being too hard to use in some manner.

Is it worth it?

Looking at both the risks and the benefits, we can say without a doubt yes it is worth a try. Most of the risks can be controlled ( don't go over 60 db). And the benefits of being more relaxed and even the possibility of learning are amazing!

But won't I break my headphone in my sleep?

How do I make sure my headphone stays in the right position during the night?

Well basically you just need to have the right headphone. To find the best sleeping headphone keep on reading to find out.

Which sleep headphones are the best?

There are many particular headphones that you can use when aiming to get to sleep. SleepPhones are especially appealing as they can help you to get the sleep that you need in a comfortable manner.


SleepPhones are simple to understand. A single set works as a soft headband that has removable speakers on its body. It is very easy to wrap onto your head and to keep in its place.


You can plug the SleepPhones into a proper 3.5mm headphone jack. You can plug it into a media player or anything else that plays back music, ocean waves, white noise or other things.

You could even set the media player on repeat for when you need to keep the white noise or other sounds going all night.

This is suitable for music therapy needs and for blocking out snoring or other sounds in an area.

SleepPhones pros and cons


  • This is much easier for you to wear at night than more traditional headphones or something else that might add a little too much bulk onto your body.
  • This can be washed as needed without harming how it works.
  • The speakers on the inside the SleepPhones are well protected and slim. They will not bother you while you are trying to sleep. It is also easy to remove and add them as necessary.
  • You can even get a wireless option that links to a receiver so you can enjoy the sounds coming out of it without worrying about any wires linking to a media device.


  • When using a corded version of the product, it can be tough to get to sleep in a particular position.
  • You won’t have any control over the media you are listening to directly through the SleepPhones. You will have to use the media device yourself to adjust the sounds that come out of it.

SleepPhones can be very useful and helpful for your general sleep needs. Be sure to take a look at how well they can work for your needs when you are aiming to get to sleep or to use a great sleep-learning program of any interest to you.

Be sure to especially see how well SleepPhones can be maintained and used including without wires depending on the model you order.


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