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Feb 28
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Here at Nap Season, we know you often have to go through too many uninformative sites to get to the good ones. As a long time sleep blog reader, I would like to help you with that.

Below, I've highlighted some of my favorite natural and organic beauty blogs that I think are worth following.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. I am a fan of all of them.

No Sleepless Nights

Ethan Green is a self-proclaimed Part time insomniac. No Sleepless Nights is all about providing quality information related to sleep disorders in bit sized pieces, so that it can be easily understood by everyone.

By providing a vast resource of well-known self-help techniques readers can fix their bad sleep habits. They review a variety of sleep related products. The reviews provide an in dept look that is enjoyable and easy to read.

Snooz ez

Snoozez is a site that originated from a site that talked about sleep apnea and cpap therapy. Nowadays they decided to expand the sleep related content on their site. You can find articles about snoring remedies or even articles that explain how to have sex dreams.

They recommend CPAP product, as well as CPAP alternatives and even the best chin straps available on the market for CPAP Masks. By doing this they are helping people with continuous positive airway pressure also known as CPAP sleep better.


Robert from Snore Bation decided to do something about his snoring when his wife moved to another room. He has experience with stopping snoring. The interesting part is that he has methods to do this withouth a CPAP machine or a mouth piece.

I highly recommend to visit the free guide’s page and check out the content there. The guides might seem long and therefore intimidating to read. But I can assure that it is worth it. Robert has really took his to break down the subjects.


Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming and also being able to control your dream. Kinda like the concept of the movie inception. Howtolucid is the website that teaches you how to do that.

On how to lucid you can find techniques to lucid dreaming, stories about lucid dreaming and the great part you find reviews of products that are made to help you control your dream. We sleep on average 8 to 9 hours per night, why not make them interesting.

The Warm Milk Journal


Debra is a busy mom, social media specialist and she lives in the sunny Florida. She not only manages a great blog, but she has also contributed to the education of many children as a school teacher.

The Warm Milk Journal is a personal lifestyle blog which many can relate to. She reveals how she has learned to handle her anxiety and insomnia. She helps readers incorporate simple and fun sleep hacks into their everyday life to solve annoying sleep problems.

Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

Created by Sharyn, an English tutor who lives in Australia and a mother of 7 years old daughter. Let Sleeping Blogs Lie contains a lot of information on how to deal with sleep disorders.

Unlike most other blogs revolving around this topic, you will not find typical suggestion such as sleeping for 8 hours a day, taking medication, enrolling in physical therapy, and so forth. Let Sleeping Blogs Lie helps you understand that it is fine to have sleep disorders. Just because you are not a morning person, doesn't mean you cannot be a productive person.

Sleep Sisters

This is an online sleep disorders consultation platform developed by Dr. Debbie Freidman Sasson, PsyD and Melissa Freidman Zdrodowski.. They are Certified Sleep Consultants through the Family Sleep Institute and the International Maternity Institute respectively.

Besides providing free tips on how to cope with sleep disorders, Sleep Sisters also offers several consultation packages via emails, phone calls, Skype, and even face-to-face meeting. Consultation for expecting parents are available as well. If you live in either Philadelphia or San Francisco area, Sleep Sisters also have group programs. All payments or transactions are sent through PayPal.

Restful Insomnia

You can rest your body and mind even when you are awake; at least that’s what Restful Insomnia is all about. Sondra Kornblatt is the author of 7 Reasons to Stop Trying to Sleep and creator of the blog. She believes that people with sleep disorders can still have fresh mornings and do their daily activities in equally enjoyable ways as others.

Her blog offers a multitude of sleeping aids for examples sleep mask and white noise device. Online video training and coaching sessions are available for booking, too.

The Sleep Doctor

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. is popular from his recurrent appearances in Dr. Oz Show. But he is also known as the founder of The Sleep Doctor.

In the blog section of the website, you can find a lot of articles containing his insights to sleep disorders and possible solutions. The Sleep Doctor offers free e-book for subscribers and a free Good Night app (accessible from Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices). The app offers personalized plans to help you sleep better.

Sleep Sense

The person behind Sleep Sense Program is Dana Obleman. She has written at least 3 published books now: The Food Sense, No-Sweat Potty Training, and Kids: The Manual.

Working with more than 100 certified sleep consultants in many different areas across United States, Sleep Sense encourages consultations over medications to deal with sleep disorders. Patients can consult via phone or direct meeting depending on the location. Sleep Sense offers 3 packages of downloadable sleep guidance containing e-book, video training system and personalized support sessions through emails.

The Sleep Lady

The Sleep Lady

Teenagers and adults are not the only age groups commonly associated with sleep disorders. And this is where Kim West (or also commonly referred to as The Sleep Lady) comes in.

She focuses on providing guidance for parents on dealing with children who have difficulties sleeping at night. When children have sleep disorder, the parents are inevitably sleep-deprived as well. The Sleep Lady provides articles, tips, and information about this issue. She also offers books and courses to help parents cope with the problem.

sleep easily

Richard Shane, Ph.D. is a Behavioral Sleep Consultant for New West Physicians in Colorado. He does not believe that sleep disorders are only treatable with medications.

Sleep Easily is the brainchild of the psychotherapist, and it offers a unique yet proven solution to induce sleep. The cognitive-behavioral therapy is delivered through audio recordings that trigger both psychological and physiological reactions to induce sleepiness. According to the blog, cognitive-behavioral therapy is currently the most effective method to treat insomnia. Unfortunately, there are too few therapists in the country to help all patients.

World of Lucid Dreaming

World of Lucid Dreaming is created by a team of three: Rebecca Turner (Founder), Chris Hammond (Editor), and Daniel Love (Contributor). It is one of the best blogs out there that explains lucid dreaming in simple terms.

The blog addresses issues about lucid dream, which indirectly correlates to deep sleep. Lucid dreaming can only happen during REM sleep in which your body is essentially paralyzed (except the eyelids) because you are in the deepest sleep phase. World of Lucid Dreaming teaches people to create the right environment for such dreams to occur.

Northshore Sleep Medicine

Northshore Sleep Medicine

Owned and operated by healthcare professionals, Northshore Sleep Medicine is the blog of private medical facility with the same name. The facility is run by Muhammad Najjar, MD and Roukan Jazayerli, MD. Both specialize in sleep medicines for adults and children.

Besides consultation rooms, the facility also provides many bedrooms for overnight studies. All rooms are designed to create a comforting atmospheres where patients can feel relaxed and sleepy. Northshore Sleep Medicine treats Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Nocturnal Seizures, Sleep Apnea, and Sleep Paralysis.

Wee Bee Dreaming

One of trickiest parts in treating sleep disorders in children is that the symptoms are not always easy to diagnose. Parents often refuse to acknowledge some mild symptoms, because they think the problem will go away overtime.

Pam Edwards, a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, created Wee Bee Dreaming to offer personalized consultation packages for parents and help them find proper solutions for their child’s sleep problems. Every package is personalized depending on clients’ needs and based on the child’s conditions.

sleep Junkies

Most of the aforementioned blogs are basically run on private basis and used for marketing(which I have nothing against with). But Sleep Junkies is different. Sleep Junkies is founded by Jeff Mann, who is also the editor for the blog.

While it appears that the blog touches random categories such as technologies, science, and gadgets, all contents still revolve around sleep disorders. If you need broader perspective about the problem, this is the blog to follow. Sleep Junkies also invites and encourages people to post and tell personal life stories or experiences coping with the issue.


Established by Anda Baharav, MD, SleepRate tries to use the power of technologies, particularly wearables technology, to help you track, manage, and plan your sleep.

This is mainly a business website, but you can find tips for coping with sleep disorder on its blog as well. SleepRate is an app that works with almost all Bluetooth-enabled heart rate tracking devices. Based on accumulated data of your sleep habits, SleepRate suggests personalized sleep therapy plan. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Dr. David Cunnington is an experienced sleep physician who created SleepHub. He is also the co-director of Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre.

SleepHub is filled with tons of information and tips to get better sleep. The blog also functions as a portal to contact Dr. David Cunnington for in-person consultation. SleepHub provides links to downloadable podcasts about sleep disorders as well. Those podcasts are designed for the Sleep Talk app compatible with iOS devices. SleepHub has an active community on Facebook, which you can join here.

Insomnia Land

This is the sleep hack variant of Lifehacker. Besides providing free hacks on how to get a better night rest, Hack To Sleep also offers updates on the latest upcoming technology and how it could improve your sleep. You can check out their review of the app headspace (meditation app), or their list of the best alarm clock of 2017.

Julie Flygare

If you have been following news and research development on narcolepsy, you are probably familiar with Julie Flygare, JD.

She is narcolepsy spokesperson, creator of the blog named after herself, and an award-winning author of Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy. Julie Flygare blog encourages others to get active in supporting narcolepsy patients by attending her events and purchasing narcolepsy-themed merchandises. You can find a seemingly endless list of links to articles, research, and information about narcolepsy on the blog.

Precious Little Sleep

A simple straightforward online support blog for people with sleep disorder. Precious Little Sleep gives a lot of useful articles and practical tips on coping with sleeping difficulties in children.

Alexis Dubief is the creator of the blog; she actually has a successful campaign on Kickstarter promoting her book entitled “Precious Little Sleep” as well. Sleep training is available for free from the blog. There are also podcasts about parenting linked to iTunes. Members have the chance to Question & Answer sessions, and so far the blog has more than 11,000 members.

The Sleep Guru

After struggling with insomnia for fifteen years, sleep guru Anandi, was determined to find a solution without the use of sleeping medication. Anandi found herself in an ashram in India, where she found the work of mindful breathing and Ayurveda.

Here you will find ways on how to sleep better through Ayurveda Sleep therapy and a step-by-step guide on how to breathe for a better night’s rest. You will also find out more information about her book on better breathing to better sleeping.


Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sleep Medicine specialist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. After spending twenty years researching and treating insomnia, Dr. Jacobs later developed the first drug-free treatment for insomnia

There are more ways to treat insomnia than just on sleeping pills. The CBT-I is an insomnia program that will show you just how. The Conquering insomnia program is a 5-week online session that involves cognitive-behavioral therapy. Over 80% of patients have claimed that the therapy was proven to be more effective than medication.

Verduisterende Gordijnen

verduisterende gordijnen

Verduisterende gordijnen is a Dutch site where you can discover and learn about how to extend your sleep time to get a better night rest. We all know that lights effects our mood and even our sleep. Most of us use apps to block our blue light from our screens, we know this will make it easier for us to sleep at night.

Well Blackout curtains will also help you in the same way but instead of helping you get into sleep, Blackout curtains will help you stay asleep. The site is Dutch but you should be able to read it just click on the google translate button.


Almost ten years ago, Marcia worked as a transcriber and later was struck with a repetitive stress injury – causing her to lose her job and move back home. The stress and pain from the accident lead to insomnia where she then searched for solutions to sleeping without becoming addicted to medication.

Insomnia-free provides helpful advice and tips for treating insomnia. Learn more on what you can do to train your thoughts, use DIY techniques, and natural treatments that do not require the use of sleeping pill. You will also find tutorials on practicing methods of breathing and relaxation as well as other ways to put your sleep hygiene back on track.

Joy Of Sleeping

As a wellness couch and massage therapist, Joy is passionate about holistic health and finding ways on how to help people improve their health. She spends her time exploring the use of aromatherapy, herbs, dietary changes, and even medication to help improve sleeping methods.

Joy of Sleeping provides holistic solutions and more to help with the habits of poor sleep hygiene. The site provides helpful tools on fixing daily habits such as your diet, lifestyle and how you think about sleep.


Hailee Schollaardt is a wife and mother of three living in Sexsmith, Alberta. In pursuit of following her nursing career, she found herself hiring a sleep consultant. It was there where she realized how important sleep was, not just for the children but also for the entire family.

Nurturing Sleep Solutions will help guide you through the latest news and research about sleep problems and solutions. From essential others to sleep myths debunked, here you will find helpful articles on how to help your little one sleep better – no matter what environment you’re in.


Elizabeth Sarles is a certified gentle sleep coach who works to create personal guide plans for families to achieve their sleep goals. With the child’s age, health and parenting philosophy in mind, Sarles aims to support the entire process with the goal of minimal tears.

For newborn babies, a good night’s rest seems to be a challenge for most parents. While sleep is important, not even the top Google searches and self-help books can help parents get enough rest for their families. Nite & Day believes that there is no wrong way to sleep train your child.


Nick LittleHales is a leading elite sports sleep coach with over thirty years of experience. He has dedicated more than fifteen years to professional sport and elite athletes in the areas of sleeping habits and product design.

Sports Sleep Coach strives to redefine the world of sleeping as Nick LittleHales provides all useful information and products that have been used all over the world. Athletes will benefit from the R90 products that include MicroTECH pillows, toppers, mattresses and more.


Christine Hansen is considered as the Louis Vuitton of Sleep Coaching as she is a bestselling author, speak and private sleep coach. After the birth of her daughter, she become a certified pediatric sleep consultant and joined the Association of Certified Sleep Consultants.

Sleep Like a Boss offers the master class of learning how to sleep better and stop being tired the moment you wake up. Here you will find more information about her services, best-selling book, and useful tips on how to get you and your children to sleep better.


Morten Storgaard is the founder of Gainsleep who has personally experienced the difficulties in sleeping patterns and techniques. Along with his wife, Morten has tried various methods of sleep hacking to optimize their sleep habits.

While the site is still fairly new, you will find a ton of helpful blog posts and information on sleep. You will find tips and articles about tools, power napping, and even technology that may help you improve your snooze.

Sleep Advocate

Dr. Ross Grumet is a board-certified psychiatrist with thorough training and experience in treating sleep disorders. With an impressive background in education, he is also members of prestige associations such as the American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Sleep Medicine and more.

Sleep Advocate is a site that promotes sleep hygiene with evidence-based guidance. Here you will find ways on how to fight against sleep disorders, improve your daily performance and change your poor sleep habits.


Sleepsmarter provides a helpful tips and information on the importance of quality sleep for you and your children. What’s great about this site as they Sleepsmarter goes beyond the tips of sleeping as you will find the history related to sleep and dreaming, studies of sleep medicine, sleep traditions around the world, and more.

Here you will find useful information on how your daily habits and materials can play a role in your sleep. Searching for help on how to sleep train your children or the harmful studies related? Sleepsmarter will give you what you’re looking for.


The platform was created with a supportive team that consists of Umberto Prunnoto – an experienced entrepreneur and engineer fascinated in dreams, Nick Rhys-Jones – head of the European Commercial operations and interest in the psychological and physical ability of sleep and dreams.

Dream board is an online dream tracking analysis tool that allows you to discover key aspects about your emotions, feelings and thoughts in your daily dreams. It is a web app that allows you to capture data from your dreams and provide information on your dream long to help you understand yourself better.


As editor of Sleep Aid Guide, Anton Hout gives us one of the most valuable sleep resources for anyone who is looking for a way to enhance their rest and solve problems related to insomnia and disorders.

Sleep Aid Guide provides information about sleep aids, sleep disorders, services and products that work and didn’t work in treating sleep disorders. Here you will also find information on how to choose the right mattress, etc.

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services Inc


Since its start in 1994 by sleep doctor, S.K. Mostafavi, the sleep experts at Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc. has grown from a single-site diagnostic sleep test laboratory to opening over twenty locations all over California in treating sleep disorders.

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc. has helped both patients and physicians deal with sleep disorders with the use of start-of-the-art- methods and equipment. Here you will find out more shocking information on what habits can ruin your sleep and how you can prevent them.

Slumber Cloud

From menopause to building a bedroom oasis retreat, Slumber cloud is filled with great gust posts, facts about sleep, and remedies for sleeplessness and even how astronauts sleep in space. Slumber Cloud provides solutions to many of the sleep issues we face today.

Here at Slumber cloud, you will find exciting content on how to better your sleep, tips for the seasons, food that will help enhance your sleep, and more. If you’re looking for a site that provides useful information on how to buy the perfect pillow, Slumber cloud has it.


N:Rem Sleep System was developed by a team of four who’s goal was to help others achieve a successful night of sleep. Considered as the best in customizable mattress solutions, N:rem sleep system is for those who suffer from the loss of sleep due to pack pain and Fibromyalgia.

Here at N:Rem Sleep System, you will find helpful reviews and mattresses as well as useful purchase guides that will give you all you need to know about choosing the right products you use to sleep with.


Project Sleep is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing awareness about the health and disorders of sleep. Their goal is to improve public health by educating others about the importance of sleep hygiene through events, programs, and campaigns.


Dr. Steven Y. Park is a surgeon and author of the book Sleep Interrupted. He is a firm believer of helping people to get better rather than just fixing the symptoms of them. Besides all this he has one thing in common with me and that is the love for the Latin kitchen

You can check out his blog to find out more about breathing, lifestyle, diets and much more. To top this all of he also has a podcast where he interviews several sleep experts.


Wareable is dedicated to wearable technology that is created to help individuals enhance their lifestyles and health. Since 2014, Wareable has continued to provide useful commentary and reviews based on the latest wearable technology on the market.

As is based on wearable fitness trackers, technology, and more – you will also find products that can help improve your sleep. From the Apple watch activity ring to tracking your sleep record, you will find all the best reviews for the products you are looking to buy.


There is a lot of information on the internet and you probably do not have enough time to check how reliable the information is.

I hope this helps you to find sleep related information for you. Finding a blog you truly enjoy reading that also provides worthwhile information can be a time-consuming task. We hope this list provides you with at least a couple of new blogs that are relevant to you.

What keeps you returning to your Sleep blogs?

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