9 Powerful Nutrients That Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Apr 18
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It is Friday night you lay in bed struggling to sleep. Your belly begins to rumble.

In your freezer, you have your favorite brand of French fries ready and waiting to be fried for you.

In your mind, it is clear simple: let’s get some fries, this way my belly will be filled and therefore my body will have peace and be ready for sleep.

Sound simple, right? Yet, it is one of the biggest rookie mistake you can make.

A fact is that large meals consumed before bed disrupts your sleep, increases your risks of acid reflux and promotes weight gain.

A rule of thumb is no large meals 2 hours before bed. But that doesn’t mean you can eat a small snack. Even better would be eating specific foods rich in nutrients that would promote sleep and relaxation.

​Here are some things to keep in mind 

  • Keep your diet diverse 
  • Focus on foods that will enhance your sleep
  • Avoid unhealthy fats like fried food and chips
  • Do you workouts early in the day to prevent late night hunger

In case you want to know more about which specific nutrients can help you get the perfect night rest, here are some of the most powerful nutrients and their food sources that will promote your sleep quality.

9 Powerful nutrients - Infographic

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